Christmas in AB

We had the wonder time celebrating Christ’s birth with my family.  We discovered that it had been 5 years since the last time we where able to spend Christmas with my family, a little over due.  However something that will probably be a common thing as we look forward to moving abroad this coming summer.  As indicated in the pictures we spend a number of days (the warmer ones) on the toboggan hill.  The kids had a blast, only one injury that required a trip to emerg for some crazy glue to patch up Franklin’s forehead.  During our stay we also were able to share at our supporting Churches in the area.  It was a privilege to share an update and catch up with our friends and family in the area.  When we left last Thursday the 3rd a chin-nook was blowing in and our truck said it was 40F (4C) which quickly dropped as we headed South.  Reaching Nampa we discovered that they do get snow here and it was surprisingly cold 5F (-15C).  To keep things in perspective the 40F (4C) only last a couple days at best and it was a nice -15F (-26C) when we first arrived in AB three weeks prior, Idaho is still warmer at only 5F (-15C).  And if my memory serves me correctly our former residence in MB was much colder but we have been living in the US these past couple winters making us soft :).  
Enough about the weather.  Today we started Candidacy here in the US.  So far very similar to the one we attended for Canada a couple years ago.  However the exciting part is that next Tuesday we get our assignment that we have been eagerly waiting to find out.  The current possibilities are:
Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)
2 restricted access countries
Look forward to an update from us next week regarding which of these countries we will have the privilege and honor to serve in.
Family All Together For Christmas

The Faster I Climb The Hill The More Runs I Get!!!

Nice Fresh Snow On A Big Hill

Franklin Trying Out A Snow Board

Common Crash Site At The Bottom Of The Hill

Even This Old Guy Took A Couple Runs Down The Hill

Good Thing Sleds Don’t Come With Weight Restriction

Sledding Made Easy

Speedy Spider-man Isaac

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