Winter Wonderland

Well we are safe and sound in AB and where welcomed with snow and cold temps which we are still adjusting to :).  The kids are enjoying the snow and cold much more than mom and dad, we’ll get over it.  So far this week we’ve had the privileged of sharing at one of our supporting Churches and have had the chance to meet with a number of our friends as well.  It’s been a busy but great week so far.

The kids along with their cousins, Grandpa and Uncle Bryce’s helped bring home the Christmas Tree and then got it all decorated so now it looks pretty good.

While the tree killing crew was out hunting Christmas Trees, I also got the privilege of working the main street in Innisfail with my good friend Gord for the annual Innisfail Charity Check Stop.  Prior to our move to MB I would join Gord for this annual event enjoying the crisp cold Saturday helping out with food donations for the food bank. It was a lot of fun again this year.

Next week looks a more relaxing week which we look forward to spending Christmas with family.

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