Punching Holes/Road Trip

Well it has been a while but well worth the wait.  I had the privilege of punching some holes in the sky this past week.   MAF felt it prudent to have me put sometime in their Cessna TU206G before standardization starts in Feb.  And with our travel scheduled and the instructor’s scheduled we thought it best to do some rust removing flying before we left.  To God be the glory I hadn’t forgotten to much so after a couple fun flights we (the instructor and I) have confidence that the standardization flying should go well without any further flying until then.  I also got to take the kids up Friday night for a night flight in one of the C172’s that are heading to SE Asia once they are both ready.  The kids really enjoyed seeing all the lights of town and all the Christmas lights that are up.  Thankfully I could isolate myself so I could hear and talk on the radio.  The kids were very excited which came out in their volume which I could still hear over the noise of the airplane and with my headset on!!!  They had a great time.  Maybe next time we look at taking the 206 and then Julie can come too.

This coming week we are also preparing for our road trip to AB.  We are looking forward to time spent with family and friends over the Holidays.  We plan to depart Thursday morning and if the trip goes smoothly and tiredness stays away long enough we hope to make the trip in one day.  However we have given ourselves and extra day encase.  Again please feel free to contact us if you would work out to get together this Holiday Season.

A quick update on Julie’s head thing.  After She dealt with her headache for a week her ears and sinus began to hurt which lead the doctor during her follow up visit to check for sinus/ear infection and low and behold that’s what it was.  So praise the Lord, Julie after getting on some meds for that is back to her old self which the kids and I are very thankful for.  Thank you for all your prayers for Julie’s health.

Merry Christmas
the Dole clan

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