Quizzing, Headache & Thanksgiving

This past week or so we have experienced a couple firsts in our family.  First off lets start with the fun part.  Franklin participated in his first Bible quiz meet.  He did quite well for a beginner, we are real proud of him.  Scored a 90% out of 40 questions based on the book of ACTS.  Which got him a gold metal, and to top it off his team placed 3rd overall out of the 40 teams.  It was exciting to see him excel and watch his hard work of studying pay off.  And even more so it brings great joy to see him excited to study the Bible.
Franklin’s Gold Medal

Franklin’s 3rd Place Team.

 The Headache.  Well for those that have not heard Julie experienced her first migraine.  And even now a week later is still under the weather because of it.  We spent Monday evening in the local emerg.  For a trip to emerg it went so well.  The kids were angles for the 3+ hours we were there.  Sitting quietly visiting and watching the TV together.  It made the visit for me at least so much more pleasant.   During the visit they determined that it was only a migraine and as unpleasant as migraines are we are very thankful that it wasn’t any of the other things they test Julie for.  This Tuesday Julie will be going in for a followup visit which hopefully will help sort out what might have caused it and some tools and tricks to help control it a bit if Julie has the pleasure so to speak getting more migraines in the future.

Thanksgiving also came and went this week and despite Julies’ head she was able to put a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner on the table.  Things we are thankful for this past year:
– Good overall health of our family
– God’s provision in housing & furnishings these past two moves.
– Safe move from MI to ID
– Support network of dear friends and family spanning BC, AB, SK, MB, QC, MI, IN, GA, ID, MN, MT, and I sure there are other places that I can’t think of right now.
– Numerous little special blessings that we received over the year.
– For the opportunity to serve with MAF.
– And many other things but for sake of time and space I end with being most Thankful for the gift of Salvation freely givin through Christ work on the cross.

Thanksgiving Feast

Who needs a fork?  I have an extra one.

2 thoughts on “Quizzing, Headache & Thanksgiving

  1. Sorry to hear about the migraine. Awesome Franklin! I Love Bible quizzing. I also have fantastic memories being involved in it, and we also did Acts many years ago. 🙂


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