Tech Evaluation

Monday the October 29th – November 2nd, I have the privilege of navigating MAF’s Maintenance Technical Evaluation or TE for short.  This TE will be used to evaluate my mechanical skills and knowledge which will help with the final decisions for our placement.  At the end of the week we will also be meeting with the candidate committee. Meeting with the candidate committee will allow them to start to formulate where we as a family would best fit as far as placement goes.  These past couple months of working here as an intern has been very helpful as I have gained experience and a familiarity which I think will help with the nerves if nothing else. 
Speaking of which these past couple weeks I have also had the privilege of moving over to the training hanger where the 3 training C206’s are kept.  I’ve been involved in a couple routine inspections which has been a welcomed change of pace.  The first inspection went well, and the aircraft has flown a couple times and returned safely. Which brings a sigh of relief to this new mechanic.  The second inspection should be wrapped up tomorrow and it’s return to service flight should be soon to follow.
Taken after surviving my first inspection of a live airplane
After the TE is complete I will return to working in the hanger most likely I will rejoin the crew that is working on the C172 restorations.  We will be remaining here in Nampa until December 14th ish.  We will be back in AB from December 15th through first week of Jan.  We will be sharing an update at the following Churches:

Innisfail Baptist Church ———- December 16th @ 10:30am
Bergen Missionary Church —— December 23rd @ 10:45am
Cremona Country Fellowship — December 30th @ 10:45am

Please contact us if you are interested in a visit for we would like to see as many of our friends and family as possible during our time in AB.  This could possibly by the last time that we are in Alberta with time to visit with you our dear friends and family before we head oversea’s!

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