Hanger Update

Horizontal stabilizer all cleaned and ready for fairing fitting.

Drilling out damaged rivets.

Here are a couple photos from the hanger today.  I continue for the most part detailing (clean) parts for the paint booth.  Inner mixed with the detailing I’ve done some rivet replacement, etching and alodining which is a process that helps prevent corrosion from forming in the future.  It’s extra protection for the parts that get painted and the main protection for the areas which don’t get painted.  Last week I fitted the fairings on the left side of the elevator and horizontal stabilizer as well the rudder.  Both of which were an enjoyable change of tasks   Tomorrow I will start on the right side of the elevator/horizontal.  
The projects in the hanger; C182 in the front of the hanger which is heading for Mexico once the annual is complete and the MAF modifications are complete.  C208B farthest away in the picture is nearing completion of it’s MAF modifications and inspections and will soon be departing for Kenya.  The C172 in the middle is getting close to paint.  Some control surfaces and one wing are painted or in the process.  Hopefully in a couple weeks we will be able to start reassembly.  The C206 at the bottom of the picture is being used as a template for a stacking system that is in production in the welding shop.  They are hoping to stack 3 C206’s over in our storage hanger as it is currently over crowed.  This would free up a lot of floor space as these aircraft wait their fate.  They most likely will be refurbished at some point but they are low priority as we are hoping that a diesel engine is soon available for them in which case they would be retro fitted with the new engine and the airframe would be reconditioned as they have been well used on the field and could use a little tlc before reentering into service.  After the Caravan rolls out I’m not sure which will take it’s place as there are several aircraft waiting their turn across the tarmac.  So I don’t think I or any of the other mechanics will be running short of work anytime soon.  
Overview of the hanger and the projects that are in progress.
That’s life in the hanger for the time being.  I’ve been enjoying working along side a good group of guys here.


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