Special Visitors

Indeed we had some very special visitors this past week.  My (Greg) parents were able to drive down from Alberta and spend a week with us.  We had some good times of visiting and seeing the sights.  

Gave them a tour of the MAF’s hanger and office buildings when they arrived then that evening they helped us celebrate Julie’s birthday, 33 years young now, she is looking prettier everyday.

Day two we tried our hands at mini golf. Grandpa coming out on top with the best score, he’s still got it. The kids also got a hand at go-cart racing, which they had a blast doing, however their faces didn’t show it until after and were begging to go again.

Trying to give Isaac a few pointers.  Which I think paid off. Our second round which was the last day my parents were with us, Isaac improve having the best score among the kids.
Round one, Franklin took best score for the kids on our first round and I think he even beat me.
 Grandpa showing us how it’s done!
The Race is on!!! 
Franklin takes the lead and wins with almost a full lap lead.

Day 3 we spend a good portion of it at theWarhawk museum at Franklin’s request.  We got a good history lesson from the different displays and articles around the museum.

Sunday after taking in a refreshing worship service we hit a local beach which was almost empty.  That way we didn’t have to share :).  Then for supper dad and I prepared a meal of BBQ ribs, corn on the cob, bake potatoes, fried asparagus and mushrooms and some salad to make it look a little healthier.  It was quite the feast.
Monday mom and dad came to the airport and helped with counting inventory while I continued on my project for the morning.  In the afternoon we attempted to make a trek out to a historical almost ghost town town.  However 10 miles short of the town the road got pretty ruff dropping us down to 10-15mph and being late in the afternoon we turned back not knowing if the hotel would be open for supper. And good thing when we check after getting back home that night we would have been pretty hungry as they would have been closed by the time we arrived at our back breaking speed.  So we will have to make a visit to Silver City another time when we have more time to spare.
Tuesday our last day with mom and dad before they headed back to Alberta.  We spend again at the mini golf and this time we golfed our second round which was mentioned earlier.  The rest of the time was spent between the laser tag room and the arcade games.  It was an amazing week visiting with family and finding new things to do that are around here.
Front Yard
PS: Here are a couple of pictures of our new house that we are living in while in Nampa.  This was truly a blessing from God as it came fully furnished and in a great neighborhood. Isn’t our God wonderful!!
Back Yard

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