Nampa Idaho

We arrived safely this past Wednesday after a 2600 miles road trip which included a short stop in Steinbach MB. Our family will now be residing in Nampa for the next 8 months or so.  The trip as a hole went well with only one minor mechanical problem as the alternator went belly up 40 miles out of Idaho Falls. We are very grateful that this happen during this part of our journey as there were many miles of remote travel which would have made this repair much harder and cause a lot more logistic problems. It was with much relief that  we made it to Idaho Falls and found an alternator! I fixed it in the parking lot of the parts store and we were back on the road in short order.  The kids traveled pretty good considering the length of time I would go between stops.  Nobody had to get out and walk although we did get close a couple times (You would think that Julie would be better behaved at her age).  The children are very happy to have come to the end of this long road of travel and are starting to settle in well.  We are going tomorrow to look at what might become our home over the course of our time here in Nampa.  I will be starting in the MAF hanger possibly as early as Monday working as an intern mechanic.  This will be to help out MAF as well help me dry the ink on my newly signed A&P certificate.  Julie’s main focus this coming year will be home schooling all three children which will likely be a pretty full load for her. Thank you for all your prayers as we have been travelling these last few weeks and God bless.

We also apologize as did not do a very good job taking pictures during our trip.  We have taken a few thou since we have arrived in Nampa.

Jaclynn’s arts and crafts while visiting Steinbach.
MAF here we are.
Kid’s making themselves at home in the sandbox.

Let’s go Herbert!
Our new front door for the time being.

Not sure what he’s up to? preparing for a crash or lining up his cross-hairs on something.

Here is the map of our trip with our stop overs along the way.

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