July/August Michigan

Sorry for the delay of getting a blog post up.  We’ve had some eventful and busy last couple weeks here in Michigan. Julie’s parents hosted a family/Constantine area farewell for us, as well our Church sent us off in style with cake, prayer and fellowship Sunday evening (August 5).  A group from our Church (Bowne Mennonite Church) here helped load the trailer Thursday night which was a wonderful blessings.  And among the packing and sorting, many goodbyes were said.  Then came the final day of packing and grad which we celebrated with my fellow classmates this past Friday in mechanic style.  Yesterday we fellowshipped with a our favorite midpoint Michigan stop over in Iron Mountain. This week we will be spending time with friends in Stienbach MB before we move on to our next stage which takes us to Nampa Idaho.  Once in Idaho I will be putting my newly learned skills to work as I will be serving as an intern mechanic until December.  The following pictures are for a few of the different fair well parties and activities we were involved with these past few weeks.  We’ve had to say a lot of goodbyes many tears as well.  I’m very thankful for the friends we have made this year in Michigan and look forward to seeing them again sometime in the future.

Family photo with Julie’s Grandma from TX.

The boys at the horse races on last time for a while.

Franklin & Julie spent a day at Word Missionary Press helping out.

Church farewell party.

Church farewell party.

Tuesday morning Bible study group.

One of our final assignments at school.
Grad pictures, it was a great celebration to commemorate what was a great year.
So serious.

I did smile, Julie and I need to work on camera/smile coordination however!
SMAT Grad Class of 2012

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