Closing Another Chapter

The time is drawing near again for us to close our chapter here in Michigan.  These chapter endings in our journey come with mixed emotion.  They bring great excitement as we look forward to the next chapter, but along with the excitement also comes the always difficult good-byes.  One thing that I have noticed with myself now that I have completed most of the testing for my course, the motivation to stay engaged at school has become increasingly difficult.  Lord help me remain disciplined these last couple weeks.  The kids are starting to sense the on coming change which has brought with it some unwanted behavior.  Mom and dad need to be vigilant that we don’t ignore the kids during this time and they seem to weather the change better.  As we pack we are also winding down the ministries that we’ve had the privilege of sharing in this past year.  The year has gone by very quickly as I look back at a few highlights.

Family highlights:  
– Found a good Church to fellowship with early after moving here.
– Moved close to Julie’s family
– Isaac & Jaclynn had the privilege of attending a nice small community school which was a great experience for both.
– Spent Christmas & New Years with Julie’s family.
– We are able to take in a few museums as a family this year.
– Wonderful mini get away with the family in Detroit over the Memorial Day weekend.
– Countless other memories and blessings

Ministry highlights:
– We’ve had a few opportunities to speak at a couple different Churches, (Which I’m starting to enjoy when I get the opportunity).
– Julie enjoyed getting to know the ladies in the ladies Bible study.
– I was stretched in leading adult Sunday school through a study on the book of Esther.
– I also had the honor of being apart of a small discipleship group Thursday mornings and a Bible study Tuesday morning.
– Julie did an excellent job co-leading the VBS that our Church here put on a couple weeks ago.  We saw some new decisions for the Lord and some re-commitments.

Learning highlights:
– I’ve learned a lot about aircraft maintenance which was one of the main goals this year.
– However I think more importantly I’ve been learning a lot about being a sheep and having Jesus Christ as my Sheppard and what that looks like.  I pray that this will continue to be my main focus of learning as we continue to move forward as Christ leads us.


Dole Clan

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