Summer Time

Well, school ended for our children on June 1st so that means that summer has arrived at our house.  All three children did wonderful throughout the school year and we are very proud of all their hard work.  Isaac was so excited about finally being done that he could not even stand still that last morning as he waited for his last bus ride.   For most families summer is a time of fun, relaxation, finding things that will keep you cool like a beach, and just a slower pace of life with not having to worry about all the usual school activities.  And of course most summers the mothers main job is trying to keep the children from boredom and driving her crazy.  I will admit that our first week off was pretty hard and I got to polish up on my refereeing skills through that week but thankfully everyone has settled into a new routine.  Hopefully, I didn’t completely blow this new routine as we started with the pulling out all our bins for packing from the shed this morning.  Our family has just past the two month mark on our remaining time here in Michigan which means that it is time to start to sort and pack again.  Thankfully, I only have to sort through clothes and toys that the children have out grown before I pack this time around.  Our last two months here our becoming extremely busy with having to pack, doing VBS at the end of June, speaking at a few churches, visiting family and friends, and most importantly Greg will be finishing his course at SMAT.  Along with finishing his course Greg is also planning a trip back to Steinbach, MB the first week of July to take a couple of aviation exams to upgrade his pilot license and to do some visiting.  Please remember to pray for our family as we go through these last two months as we finish our time here in Michigan and for our safety as we are going to be doing a lot of travelling as well.

Isaac and Jaclynn standing in front of their school sign on dismissal day on the last day!

Franklin finally talked dad into letting him drive the riding lawn mower!

Isaac a gun hoe mower, just gotta get him to keep his head up to keep his lines straight and to keep out of the hay field! 

Our family after completing a 8 mile bike ride with friends from church.
Only one crash that day as Franklin met the pavement at the bottom of  a steep hill.
Thank goodness for band aids,  polysporin and laughter to make one feel better!

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