Memorial Day Weekend

Well, our family has had a wonderful break from the normal routine as we had a fun time in Detroit.   Staying a couple nights in a hotel with a pool is always a huge hit with our children.  Then add onto that a visit to the Henry Ford museum along with a tour of the Ford Rouge Factory and you have a great weekend.  As you can imagine we saw a lot of cool things!  The factory is where they assembled the F150 and it was in full swing operation when we were there.  In the factory  we weren’t allowed to take any pictures, however we did get a few from the entrance where they had a few examples of Ford vehicles over the course of time.  The museum was fascinating as we saw a range from old household items to huge industrial machines.  And of course there were amazing cars, huge trains, and famous planes rounded out our time.  The pictures to follow are just a few from our mini family vacation, as I got a little trigger happy and ended up taking probably way to many pictures.

The name “Our Pink Hotel” appropriately chosen by Jaclynn 
The boys found there long lost uncle Muggly.  Pretty close resemblance 😉 if I may say so myself.

These next few pictures are with the kids in front of a few of the cars in the foyer of the Ford Rouge Factory.

Not everyday does one get to stand in the shadow of Henry Ford.  But better yet is that we can stand in Christ’s shadow everyday.

Lunch on wheels, it seemed that all weekend the kids either chose hot dogs or pizza to eat go figure.

“Where to Mama?”

Julie standing beside a crankshaft and connecting rod for a generator that was used to power part of the Ford factory many years ago.

Building an old tin Lizzie on an assembly line.

Someday I should get brave and ask someone else to take the picture so I can join this good looking family in a photo or two.
The kids favorite activity!  I think the kids could have spent the whole time at the pool and it still would  have considered it a great weekend.

It was a great weekend of family time and a time of refreshment from what has seemed at times as a very long winter.  We are now starting the home stretch here in Michigan as we are coming up to the last 12 weeks before our next big move west.  A verse (Luke 9:62) has been weighing heavy (in a good way) on my mind these past couple days and as I think and study on it I hope to share some in the next couple days in a post to come.

The Dole Clan

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