Horse Power!

           Well as you probably already know by now we have moved on to the power-plant portion of my course here at SMAT.  We have been and will be studying through different course topics relating to aircraft engines.  One of the larger sub courses is reciprocating engines which powers most of the general aviation fleet.  In teams of 2 and 3 we are “carefully disassembling” various common aircraft power-plants (Lycoming & Continental).  My group has been corrected a couple times by our instructor that we are not tearing apart our engine but rather “carefully dissembling” :-).  My group has been given an IO-470 Continental engine to work on.  This engine is very similar to the IO-520’s and IO-550’s which are found in the Cessna 206’s which makes up a large part of the MAF fleet.  Working with my teammates has been a lot of fun as well.  My teammates introduced me to the “Just look at it” video’s online the other day as this has become our group’s catch phrase.  Our engine is missing quite a few pieces even before we started.  We have since learned that this engine has been put together from a hodgepodge of parts which will add some challenge to the project as we will need to continue to search for more parts or steal them from our neighbor’s table ;-).  This aspect of the project is not real life in engine repair and overhaul but it will give us good experience researching parts and checking their compatibly which I anticipate being the hard part of the project anyway.  The pulling wrenches part will be the easy part on this project I think.  The following are a few snapshots of our progress so far with our engine.

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