"For such a time as this"

For the last nine weeks I (Julie) have lead a wonderful group of ladies through the book of Ester as part of the bible study done by Beth Moore.  It was a wonderful time of learning, stretching, and great times of growth as we journeyed through the study.  I took great encouragement from how God could take a woman and her faith in her God and allow her the strength to save her people the Jews.  Beth Moore talked about how we all as believers have a “such a time as this” moment like Ester that God is preparing us for.  And that God has put us in that moment “for such a time as this” to do His will and bring Him glory.  As I am traveling through this journey with my savior it brings me great comfort that He is leading me and preparing me for what He has head of me to accomplish.

Another thing that God has really been teaching me during our time here in Michigan is to truly take the time to see the blessings that He has given me (especially through out those busy days). And over the past two weeks we have really seen some amazing blessings among some very busy times.  A huge blessing is that Greg PASTED his airframe exam and now holds a airframe licence!!!!  The kids and I are so proud of all his hard work and I am thankful that I didn’t mess him up at all since I was his study partner most nights (most nights that I helped him I really had no clue what I was asking him or how to say half the words).  Now the rest of his course is focused on the different types of engines.  The very next day after Greg passed his exam we had a house full of people as my younger brother had his college graduation ceremony and my parents and grandmother came for the weekend.  I think that all we did that weekend was eat and celebrate!  And then a day after my brothers ceremony he moved in with us and will probably be with us the rest of our time her in Michigan.  Know my question is what am I going to do with a 22 year old in my house??  Actually, I feel truly blessed to have this time with my brother before I head overseas and he moves on with his life.  It truly feels like a very precious moment in time!  And then this coming weekend we are preparing to have the chance to connect with a couple who we met during our travels last year.  I feel completely overwhelmed (in a good way) of the blessing that God has given me in the last two weeks!  All I can think how to end this blog is WHAT A AWESOME GOD WE SERVE!

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