Springtime In Michigan

        Spring has arrived here in Michigan!  This has been a wonderful time for our family as we are not use to having spring this early or to have it arrive this warm.  We are finding it really strange that we have now being mowing our lawns for about four weeks now and friends and family in Canada are still getting snow.  Definitely this is something that we could get use to! Along with this wonderful weather our family have found spring to be a very busy and fun time.  Between school, studying, bible studies, preparing sermons, visiting churches, and yard work we are having a blast.  Isn’t it amazing how much fun you can having serving the Lord thorough so many different ways.  Here are some pictures of what we have been up to over the past month and a half.

This is Jaclynn standing in our backyard in the middle of March.  Who would of thought we would be having two weeks of 85 to 88 degree weather!
Greg sharing an update on our family and then sharing the word of God with one of our supporting Churches at the end of March.
A wonderful supporting church that we had the great privilege visiting in March.           
For spring break the kids and Julie spent time with my family is southern Michigan.  So her is Jaclynn enjoying time with her aunt!
The park had an Easter egg hunt for different age groups so here is Isaac waiting for the horn to blow.  Each group had around 60 kids looking for eggs so it was pretty crazy.
With having only one vehicle sometimes there is some waiting involved.  Here we have Isaac and Jaclynn resting after riding their bikes at the airport while we wait for Greg to return from a flight.
Finally,  here comes Greg in for a landing after having a great Saturday morning flight!
In my defense I was a few minutes late but they did show up early as well🙂
  This is the wonderful church that we have been attending while in Michigan.
Jaclynn with some of her Sunday school class on Easter morning as they sang a song and read a poem for the whole church.
Isaac and Franklin sang with a choir on Easter morning and sang two beautiful songs.  I was a little worried as they had Isaac stand right in front of the microphone. Thankfully, he was to busy with remembering the words to do something silly in front of the whole church.
The children in the Easter morning attire.  Notice that both our boys are in ties.  This has been there latest grown-up purchase which means that poor daddy wears a tie most Sunday’s so he can keep up with the boys.
This is how my children normally pose for a picture!
Most evening you will find Greg and I hitting his text books as he will be taking his air frame license exam at the end of April.


      Thank you for keeping our family in your prayers as our remaining four months in Michigan are starting to look very busy.  As we wrap up the ladies bible study over the next few weeks, I have the privilege of jumping right into working with a team from our church as we prepare for VBS at the end of June.  Greg also has many different exams to take along with his daily classes plus he has a couple trips possibly.  One is still up in the air as he is looking at traveling to Canada briefly to write a couple written exams to upgrade his Canadian pilots licence.  And the other one is to Nampa, Idaho which is booked for the first week in July for another flight evaluation for MAF.  All three children have about a month and a half left until they are on summer vacation.  Then comes the most stressful and busy time of packing up and saying good-bye to all our new friends here in Michigan and heading to a new place.  At the end of August we will hopefully have the country that they are planning to send us to decided and the time table for our remaining time here finallized.  As well our family still needs to raise the remaining 12% ($792) of our monthly support that is still needed before we head oversea’s.  Thank you to all our faithful friends, family, pray partners, and supporters.  You guys are wonderful and we are so blessed to have you in our lives!


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