Isaac’s B-Day Pics

Birthday’s are wonderful things particularly for kids.  Isaac celebrated his 7th birthday yesterday in aviation style.  Not sure where we got that Idea :-), dad may have been instrumental on that one.  We had along a friend of Isaac’s from church and we set off for an adventure at the Airzoo in Kalamazoo.  We had a grand time looking at planes and riding rides and the full motion simulator seemed to be the biggest hit for the kids.  We ended our day with supper and more gaming things at Chuck E Cheese not Dad’s Idea but he survived!  All in all we had a great time celebrating Isaac’s birthday.  Hope you enjoy some of our pictures from our adventure.  I also added some of these pictures to The Kids Corner page

Franklin found his plane.
Jaclynn’s space station design.
Isaac getting ready for space travel.

There was even a good looking women there.
Franklin to the rescue.

Jaclynn’s turn to travel in to space
Hang on Isaac we’ll save you!

Up up and away.
“Almost ready for my first solo.”

First solo

Reporting for duty sir.
“Who did what to the general’s car?”
“He did it.”
“I miss driving the generals car.”
“What about my wings?”
“Roger Five Niner Zulu left turn to heading 095” 
Our Isaac Newton

“Let me show you how it’s done Franklin”
“I think this is how it’s done”

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