Counting the Cost

    A fellow classmate shared the following story on his family’s blog and it cut me to the heart. I wanted to share this story as well, not to bring glory to Phil or our classmate that lived this story but to show the kind of heart that I desire to have, “that there is nothing more important than following Jesus”. I hope that I can encourage those that read this to also place Jesus in such a place in your heart.


Imagine this scenario… 

    A young family walks into a pawn shop. While mom and dad engage in conversation with the shop owners, the older son peruses trinkets while the younger son stays close to his parents. As they slip off their wedding rings and exchange them for cash, the younger son begins to cry. His tall boisterous father kneels down to make eye contact with his son and asks what is the matter. Through bitter sobs the boy says, “You and mommy are taking off your wedding rings and I want you and mommy to always be married. Does this mean that you and mommy are not married?” 

    The father stills and pulls the boy into his arms and gently rocks him. He whispers into his ear, “My son, your mommy and I will always be married. Our rings are only an expression of the vows that we have made in our heart. Our vows will never change or go away. Today, mommy and daddy sold our rings so we could follow Jesus and move to America to be trained as missionaries. This is our moment and, though it is sad to sell our rings, there is nothing more important than following Jesus. So we give up everything to follow Him, even if that means giving up something that we care a lot about. But, mommy and daddy will always be married.” 

    He hugs the boy again and wipes the tears from his cheeks. “Do you understand?” 

   “Yes Papa, I understand,” replies the son. 

    This is the story of one of my classmates at SMAT. He and his bride sold not only their wedding rings but much more because they consider the call to missions a privilege and an honor. They consider the Gospel the greatest treasure on earth. 

    It is humbling to see the sacrifices of others for the sake of the Gospel. It is an encouragement and a blessing to rub shoulders with men and women who’s focus is on Christ alone. We know that we will be called to sacrifice as we pursue God’s calling for our lives, but it is nothing compared to the sacrifice that Christ made on our behalf. 

    May you be encouraged and spurred on by the testimony of our friends, and may you know that knowing Christ is the greatest treasure in the entire world. 

Phil Vana

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