Halfway Point

     I could hardly believe it when Greg brought it to my attention that we are now halfway through our time here in Michigan and for Greg’s course. Which means in a few more months I have to start thinking of packing again and preparing to move again. This time around should be so much more fun to pack with my mother close by as she is great a packing a huge amount of things into a box or suitcase. Our household has been extremely busy over these past weeks as we have found ourselves involved with many different ministry’s, school projects, and extra challenges.  Greg has been enjoying his bible studies with different men from school and now he is preparing to lead our adult Sunday school class at church for a few weeks.  He even had the privilege of leading the Wednesday night study last week for our church.  I am so proud of how Greg has willing followed God’s leading as he has stepped into these roles which have nothing to do with airplanes.  Sometimes I think that going to school is the easier part of Greg’s day as God has been asking him to step out of his comfort zone and do different things.  A few weeks ago I started hosting the ladies bible study in our own home and I really enjoy having all the ladies over as we fellowship together and learn more about Him.  Of course I think that Franklin enjoys having the study here more then me because that means he doesn’t have to start school until after lunch time!  And last week we had a special visitor from Alberta (our brother-in-law) who was in the area for training was able to come for the weekend and catch up.  I love Isaac’s reaction when we told him who was here.  He said, “what in the world is he doing all the way over here for?”  It was a great visit and Greg was even able to take him flying so he really got a good look around.  The children were even able to send a message on video back to grandma and grandpa through their uncle.  All the children are doing great and it seems like their favorite thing to do lately is EAT!!  We just went through a few weeks of all three of the children going through growth spurts at the same time and they ate us out of house and home.  Thank you for all your prayers and support as we continue to serve here in Michigan.

 Look what Greg found in Michigan!


Taste almost like home!


Welcome to Michigan Andy!


Franklin hard at work doing his school.


Practicing up for when the snow gets here, do they get snow in Michigan?


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