Snow Day?

I’m not in Canada anymore!  It’s 37 F (3 C) outsides with some fog and mist which calls for school closures?  I braved the trip into school, well not really I was already there before I was informed of the closure.  Isaac however did get the day off and was prompt in rubbing it in as he sent me a couple emails throughout the day telling me what he was doing on his day off. This affords me some extra time this morning to share some of the things that God is working on in my life I guess.

Since acquiring the title of missionary, reading has become a little more important in my life, not that it wasn’t important before.  Anyway I have just recently finished reading Don’t Waste your Life by John Piper.  And yes I have been working through this small book for the almost a year now (I’m a slow reader unlike my wife).  I’d also would highly recommend others to read this as well.  One of the main points that I pickup on was where are my priorities or treasures?  Questions like where am I spending my time, money, gifts & talents?  Really these questions should be asked where am I spending God’s time, money, gifts & talents that have been in-trusted into my care?  As I work through questions like these I’m realizing that there are some real lifestyle implications.  Thankfully the Lord is gracious as we seek Him more as we work through these lifestyle changes to bring more glory to our Awesome Creator.

Finishing off one book I have now moved on to a new one.  One in fact that was an assignment of sorts that I was given by the CBP Officer that processed our paperwork when crossing into the US last summer.  The book is titled Like a Mighty Wind by Mel Tari with Cliff Dudley.  I’ve only made it to chapter 3 and already really enjoying the book.  So far the book has been an account of Mel experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit in very real and physical way.  An experience similar to the one you can find in Acts 2 on the day of Pentecost.  I’m looking forward to the rest of the book, it is also written more in a reading level that I can handle with my limited reading skills.  So hopefully I can finish this one a little sooner than my last read :).

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