Some may wonder why is the mechanic’s license is require?  Which is a fair question.  Well some might think it is so I can fix things in the jungle when the plane breaks.  Which is somewhat true but it is rare for this to happen as aircraft used in mission type work like we will be involved with tend to be maintained at a higher level than other general aviation (GA) aircraft.  And for good reason, as we are operating these aircraft in harsher environment than the typical GA aircraft of North America.  So if fixing the airplane on a remote jungle strip is not the main purpose of getting this training what is it?  There are a few reasons and yes one of them is the above situation it’s just not the main reason as I have come to understand.  Most mission aviation bases have limited resources and for efficiency proposes by allowing programs to run with fewer maintenance specialists on staff.  If the pilots are able and qualified to pitch in with the basic routine maintenance tasks not only in the physical aspect of doing the work itself but also being able to do the paperwork as well.  This frees the maintenance specialist to focus on the larger projects and the more serious repair work.  This skill also increases our skills as a pilot in the way that we have a more intimate working knowledge of our aircraft making us more proficient in it’s operation and dealing with emergencies.

In a nut shell this training will allow me to be apart of a more efficient team on the field as well as a better rounded pilot as to what I would be if I was heading to the field with just a pilot’s license in toe.

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