Looking Forward To A New Year

For me I think one of my favorite days of the year is New Year’s day.  I love looking back over the past year and remembering everything that God has done for me and for my family.  Sometimes when I am in the middle of a busy week I get so wrapped up with daily life that I forget all of the blessings that God has been sending to me.  So I love spending a day thinking about what God did for me over the past year.  And I will admit that I am amazed every year at how faithful and loving our God really is.  Then after spending sometime reflecting on the past there is this excitement that starts building inside of me as I start to wonder about what God has planned for myself and for our family in this up and coming year.  I wanted to share with you some of my most favorite moments of last year and what our family looks forward to in this new year.

Blessing of 2011

*  I would have to say that the biggest blessing and learning time for me this year was really learning to understand the word faithfulness and how our God is a FAITHFUL God. There have been so many moments that God has asked/pulled/or nudged me about a matter and I would just have to let go and rely on His strength and faithfulness that I have lost count. And through it all there has not been one time that God left me alone and go back on ANY of His promises.

*  Our wonderful family/friends/supporters are totally AMAZING and  a true BLESSING to us.  There is not a  single day that we could be doing what we are doing without YOU and your amazing support.  Thank you for sending us encouraging emails or facebook notes and amazing cards.  We have also been wonderfully taken care of, whenever a need has arisen someone has been there to help meet that need.  I feel truly blessed to have gotten to know you all and spend time in your homes, or reading your letters, and sharing in your Churches.  Thank you for all your support and being apart of showing us God’s faithfulness.

*  Through this year it has been a huge blessing to witness my husband and children grow and watch how God has been molding them as we prepare to serve overseas.  I have stood back in awe of Greg as he has not only learned to present the ministry of MAF but has learned to prepare and give sermons, led men’s bible studies, live out of suitcases, and return to being a student.  God has truly blessed me with a husband who has a deep passion for following God leading. And I am always amazed how God has allowed are children to keep rolling with the every changing pace of our life.  You guys are a true blessing and I love you!

Looking into 2012

*  I (Julie) am looking forward to becoming more involved in our church here in Michigan with leading a ladies bible study and possibly doing some more work with the children at our Church.

*  One exciting event that we are looking forward to in August is Greg completing is course at SMAT and receiving his mechanic licence.  He has greatly enjoyed his time at school and is making some great friends.

*  Our family will be preparing another move this year as we will be leaving Michigan and heading to MAF’s US office in Nampa, Idaho for are last round of training before leaving.  If all the required support is in, shortly after our time in Idaho then we will be heading for language school in Indonesia.

*  As well looking at past years I’m sure that God has numerous special moments ahead for our lives that will bring us hope, encouragement, and push us to seek Him more.

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