Welding, Flying, Airframe Electrical & Fabric Pics

I thought we were due for somemore pictures of what I have been doing these past few weeks at school.  We have just finished up welding, and airframe electrical, and will be finishing fabric at the end of next week.
Learning how to gas weld.

A lake between Ionia & Greenville.

Ionia at dusk.
Back side of our groups electrical project early on.

Front side of our groups electrical project early on.
Project all wired up.

Showing it off to the rest of the class
Aileron before.

Aileron’s insides

Making repairs to the ribs.

Ready for fabric.

Ready for the iron to tighten it up.

First coat of Poly-Brush many yet to go.

After a couple coats of Poly-Spray which is for UV protection.
First coat of Poly-Tone for color.
Masking our registration letters Canadian style.
Waiting for the paint to dry.
All finished

One thought on “Welding, Flying, Airframe Electrical & Fabric Pics

  1. What a breathtaking view! The view from above never fails to amaze me, but so is making a plane! Creating such wonderful machines is fascinating. I remember how amazed I was when I helped my brother build his RV7. I even did the welding, which was a first time for me then.



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