Support Changes

This past week God has open the door for our support team to grow even more than before.  You may have noticed that our support levels appear to have lowered however they have rather changed due to the following letter we received from our head office this weekend.
As we march forward with the commission to which we have been called, we are taking measures to ensure the health and sustainability of our missionary support system. Our Ministry Partnership support target is currently $6,000 per month for our families and $4,000 per month for singles. During the last five years that these targets have been in place, the costs of most goods and services have risen. We have also consulted with MAF-US which recently raised their targets to $7,200 per month for families and $6000 per month for singles. To address the increased cost of doing mission, we at MAFC have decided that it is prudent to adjust our missionary partnership targets by ten percent to $6,600 a month for families and $4,400 a month for singles, effective January 1, 2012.
In general our family is doing well.  The kids are done with school now for Thanksgiving holiday.  Julie is working hard at getting our house ready for thanksgiving as we have the honor of hosting Thanksgiving supper with Julie’s family.  I have had the chance to do a little fling recently, it’s felt good to be back in the air again.

Thank you for being apart of our team, blessings
Greg, Julie, Franklin, Isaac & Jaclynn

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