Crunch Time

Well it’s hard to believe that we have been here almost 3 months now.  And in a couple weeks from now we will have the General portion of the course complete and will be able to get the first of our three written exams done and out of the way.  I’m looking forward to finishing up the General as we move into the Air-frame course I believe we will find ourselves in the shop more doing hands on projects and less in the classroom working through theory related things.  Some of the different things we have been doing over the past couple weeks.  We have been weighting a lot of different types of airplanes and calculating their empty weights and where the centre of gravity is on each one.  Also just finished up a drawing class which is not a strong subject for me other than it was more of a old fashion drafting course so I didn’t have to do any free hand drawing thankfully.  I ended up doing okay in the class as drawing straight lines with a ruler isn’t so bad after all.  Thank you for all your prayers and support this couldn’t be possible without you standing with us.

Getting the helicopter ready to weight.
Someone forgot to tell Phil that Empty Weights don’t include the removable ballast.
Our drawing assignment.
A beautiful sun rise a couple mornings ago.


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