October Highlights

      It seems hard to believe that October has almost come and gone already.  It seem like it was just the other day that I started my course here at SMAT and today marks the 2 month mark.  Through this month our family has enjoyed some wonderful experiences and fun times!


I’ve spotted the enemy!

– Franklin picked up a book the other day while we were traveling into town and read it to his brother and sister all on his own initiative which was a wonderful thing to hear.  After he had read it to them a couple of times he started to teach Jaclynn how to read the words.  We are seeing some good improvements with his school work and this was a wonderful highlight for us as parents.  Our family would also like to thank everyone who has been helping us with purchasing extra reading materail and for all your many prayers for Franklin.

– I got a check out in a Cessna 172 from the locate operator here at the airport.  It was nice getting back in the air.

Are we ready troops?

– I have also had the privilege of sharing about the work of MAF and working on my preaching skills at a couple churches this month.  At one of these churches Julie ran into an old school mate that she has not seen for many years. It was fun to reconnect with her and meet her family!

Taking time to smell the flowers
The Local Biker’s Gang

– Franklin and I were invited on a Sunday afternoon bike ride a few weeks back with some of the families from Church.  Well, this nice bike ride turned into  three and a half hours of riding on some beautiful bike travels.  The trails were full of brightly colored trees and we even found a few snakes along the way that needed to be looked at!

Beautiful Fall Day
See dad this is were I spend my time at school
Sporting the symbol of Canada on my US Locker

– Isaac, Jaclynn, Franklin, and Julie joined all the students at Clarksville School on afternoon for a walk-a-hon to raise money.  It turned out to be a wonderful day and a great time of laughter as the children enjoyed getting out of classwork time. Actually they should of called in a run-a-hon because all the kids did was run and the parents tried to keep up by walking really fast!

Mmm Mmm Good

– Isaac and Jaclynn’s school had a carnival this past weekend that we got attend as a family on Saturday. Even Grandpa and Grandma came up for the big event for the weekend.

Hands up Mister

-Julie has even been able to set up a daily schedule for the children which is starting to make life a little easier for her.  After a whole year of constant change and not having any kind of schedule it feels good to have one again!

I Got it!!

I Don’t Got it!

The Dole Monkeys
The Dole Family

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