Week 1

Greetings from Clarksville MI.  We have now been here just about a week now.  Julie has done a tremendous job on getting the house all set up and feeling like home.  I’ve start class in fact just finished day three a few minutes ago and now sitting in the local Wendy’s borrowing their WiFi.  We have’t figured out who or where to get our internet yet for home and the school has been having internet problems this week.  The kids are adjusting well.  It’s also been pretty hot but I don’t really what to complain too much about that as I prefer it to the alternative that will arrive sooner than I will be ready for it.

We are almost moved in now the Isaac and Jaclynn are signed up for school and are excited about getting to go to school here in a couple weeks.  We also found a pretty cool park in a near by town that I’m thinking we will frequently visit.

One of the special treats I received since being here was on day one my class was given a ride in Spokane Turbine Center’s Kodiak.  I however forgot my camera that day so no pictures regrettably.  It’s not every day you get to ride in an aircraft with serial number 1.

I know this is a pretty short update I will try and get some more details and pics sometime in the next week or so.  Blessings.

Our phone number will remain unchanged which you can find on the bottom of most my emails I send or on request.  Our new address while here in Michigan for the next 12 months is;
8644 Thompson Rd.
Lake Odessa, MI

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