An Interview With Franklin

This morning as I was thinking about writing a new blog my mind went to my son Franklin.  As he is planing on turning nine years old in a couple of weeks I thought that it would be fun to ask him some questions about life as a pre-field missionary kid.  God has blessed him with such a tender heart and one amazing active imagination that as a mother I can’t wait to see how God will use him on the mission field. So here are a few questions that I sat down with my son and asked him this morning.

What was your first thought when you saw your first MAF video and what did you want to do?

I thought that it looked pretty cool to be a missionary!  And I wanted to pack my backpack and go and help those people that day. I was pretty sad when my parents told me that it would take awhile before we could help those people.

Do you enjoy traveling all over the place and staying with different people?

I enjoy it most of the time except when I get a head cold like right now. It is fun to play with other peoples toys but I miss having my own space.

How did you enjoy your first year of home schooling compared to public school?

It wasn’t that bad! I enjoyed the reading and history that we did however I could live without math!
However, I miss seeing all my friends everyday and having three recess daily.

Was it hard to pack up all your belonging and sell your house?

Yes, because we had to get rid of so much stuff and then most of the things that we did get to keep are in the trailer until the middle of August. I am missing my stuff animals and my own bed!

What has been the hardest part of your mom and dad’s new calling?

– We don’t really stay at home that much. But I think that I like have missionaries for parents.

What have been some of your favorite memories since your family joined MAF?

Learning about the country that we are going to live in and meeting new people!

I hope that you enjoyed hearing from Franklin and that you will continue to lift him up in your prayers.  As a parent it has been interesting watching God change and stretch Franklin through this past year. He is looking forward to home schooling again next year and to moving to the States!  However, changes are never easy and do take a toll especially on children. Thank you for all your prayers for our family and your continued support.  We arrived safely in Waldheim, SK last night and are greatly looking forward to attend the mission conference here.

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