Departure Time Line

Now—June 15, 2011      Build Our Ministry Partnership Team (MP) Packing Our House Up
June 15—July 22, 2011  MP Continued in Alberta.
July 22—July 28, 2011   MP and Missions Conference in Waldheim Saskatchewan
July 29—Aug 20, 2011   MP Continued in Manitoba/Multi IFR Recurrency Flight Training
August 21, 2011             Move to Ionia Michigan
August 24, 2011             Aircraft Mechanics Course Starts
August 10, 2012             Aircraft Mechanics Course Complete
Aug—Sept 2012             Move to Nampa Idaho (MAFUS Headquarters)
September 2012             Start MAF Standardization Training
December 2012              Enjoy Our Last Christmas in NA for a While
Jan—Feb 2013               Depart for Indonesia for Our First 4 Year Term

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