Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!!!

“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!!!” What a wonderful greeting I received at the airport last night upon my return. 
My greeting party at the airport.
I had a great two weeks in Sayward BC (North end of Vancouver Island).  I was out helping my uncle and aunt on their house they are building on top of the mountain looking over the valley.  It was a breath taking view every morning.  I also had the privilege of sharing at their Church Sunday morning.  And it wouldn’t be a trip to the Island to visit family with out a lot of large family gatherings with great food and great stories.    
The view on a cloudy day I missed taking the picture on a clear sunny day, still a great view even on a gray day.
View from the Sayward wharf.

While I was on the Island with family Julie and the kids were holding down the fort here in MB.  While I was away they had a grand garage sale that went really well, particularly for me.  Julie expressed many times that it went well even in my absence.  Thank you sweetheart (Julie) for all your hard work while I was away.

Pictures from the beginning of the sale.
By noon day one wow!!!
Now that I am back we have but only 3 short weeks before we become house-less.  I hope I’m ready by the time that day comes as I’m not ready today that’s for sure.  I know it’s just a building, it will still be hard to move on, we have many fond memories and we will really miss our neighbors and the community when we depart.  We are also very thankful for the support and prayers from those that we have come to love here in Steinbach.

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