Constant Motion and Excitement

Life right now for our family is one of constant motion and excitement!  We are now four and a half weeks away from the day that we hand over possession of our house to the new owners.  Our precious children are now living out of suitcases (which they think is fun) and playing around the things that are already packed.  At present our garage looks like we are starting our own thrift store as it is full of items for this weeks up and coming garage sale.  And it seems that the days keep going by faster and faster bringing us closer to moving day and to the start of our last road trip out west.  The children are looking forward to the change and even Isaac has started to ask when we are moving and what our new house will look like (which we actually have no idea yet what we will be living in during our time in MI so it is hard for me to answer). So most of my days are filled with home schooling the boys (Isaac is learning how to read and is really excited about it), preparing for the garage sale, trying to keep a semi normal home life for the kids, and trying to catch up on some sleep.  At the present moment Greg is away from home (he is on Vancouver Island) until the 24th of May. So the kids and I have already lasted nine days without him and are looking forward to him coming home.  With him gone the kids and I are working on our computer skills as we having been talking with Greg through Skype.  Yesterday afternoon Greg taught me where all the little extra characters are (like the smiley face people) and Isaac and Greg talked and sent each other little notes for 35 minutes.  Isaac thought that was a really cool way to talk with his dad!  During all of this time we are still looking for people who want to join us and walk beside us as we continue on this journey with MAF.  This journey that Greg and I began months ago has challenged us, allowed us to grow into the kind of people that God wants us to be, and has been filled with such joy and contentment! Thank you to all who have partner with us and and praying for us as we could not do this without God’s direction and your support.

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