The Bravest Kids I Know

Greg and I feel truly blessed and honored to have the children that God has blessed us with.  From the moment that we talked to them and told them that we felt called to serve overseas they have been such wonderful troopers.  Thinking back if my parents had come to me and said that we were moving overseas I would have totally freaked out and really asked my parents if they were feeling okay or not!  However, our three have never challenged us why, asked us to change our mind, or have made Greg or I every doubt our decisions this whole time.  Actually, most days Greg and I feel completely exhausted and want to crawl into bed and all the kids want to do is invite someone else over or go and make some more new friends.  Especially, our little Jaclynn who we are discovering is a little social bug.  Even know as we face some of the biggest changes in our lives so far they still are filled with this excitement and joy as they look forward to the next step.  However, they do have their moments when all the change and busyness becomes overwhelming and they just need time with mom and dad.  Just last week as we were finalizing the deal for selling our house Isaac went into panic mode and took a few days of daddy and mommy time to settle back down again.  Thank you to all of you who have been praying for our family and especially for those who pray for our children daily.  People always say that Greg and I are so brave leaving everything behind and following God and I would say that it is my children who are the real brave ones.   If our family comes to mind please keep us in your prayers as the next six and a half weeks all really intense.  I need to figure out what to put into storage, what to put in the garage sale, and what we need to take with us to MI.  Plus the boys still have school work daily (even though they will argue this point), Greg is flying to  BC for two weeks, and we are still working on building our ministry partnership team.

Animal crackers and a friend to share with what more
                      could a girl ask for!
Another Hard day at the office (had to listen to mom and dad speak again!)
                                                   Quick before they escape!!!       

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