Which Way is Up?

Well the Lord has been stretching and blessings us like crazy these past couple weeks.  Sometimes to the point I’m not sure which direction I’m facing anymore. 🙂  It started a couple weeks ago when I agreed to preach at our home Church here in Steinbach.  Talk about a huge responsibility, not to mention there is something different when I’m speaking to friends and family rather than strangers.  It did go well in the end as I was able to give a challenge and some encouragement from the fig tree story in Mark 11:12-21.   For those that weren’t there and would like to hear it you can find it online under the Audio tab at http://cornerstonebiblechurch.ca/.   During this time of preparations we were also preparing our house for sale and within 3 days of me pounding our For Sale sign in the front yard we have a signed offer to purchase and by the 26th all the conditions should be removed.  This was the timing of God as we were defiantly caught off guard and never really expecting it to happen so fast not to mention how easy it has been so far.  As we had elected to try and sell it on our own first.  And along with the good however comes the scary proposition of now being house-less.   I was reminded today in Psalms 23:1-3 that God will take care of us regardless if we own a house or not.  In fact I in many ways had forgotten this promise as I had lived a lot on my own guidance and strength but as I look to a some what uncertain future it cause me to fall on my knees more and more and place my trust in my Shepherd.  Which is a very good place to be, not always the easiest place but the best.  And through all this and as we prepare for Easter my heart has been ever aching for the lost here and around the world.  Which has kept me moving forward through the down times these past couple months knowing that ahead of us lies great opportunity to be used to help save the lives and souls of those around us.  My carnal mind tends to put the scare into me as I think of what I’m “giving up” but when I consider these things in light of eternity I’m not “giving up” anything of real value but rather investing temporal things into what I trust will give eternal rewards.  I have been struggling quite a bit recently with my carnal mind not wanting to let go of my earthly things.  I’m very thankful for this means of transparency that God can use to show me some of my own faults and short comings.  I can then commit them over to Him to work a change in my heart and mind.

Blessings Greg

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