Bananas, Packing, Riding and Traveling

Here is a hojpoj of pictures from our life as we’ve known for the past few weeks.

Going bananas might be a good way of describing life at times in our home. But we love it just the same.
Our closet after we emptied, sorted out what was now trash and what was to give away and what we would keep. Why do we keep so much stuff? Don’t answer that it was a rhetorical question 🙂
I forgot to take a before picture of the closet in our office/classroom but this is what the living room looked like after we emptied it. You can’t see it in this picture but our kitchen table and counters were covered too.
Our neighbor giving Franklin and Isaac a ride own their new toy. Isaac didn’t enjoy the first ride too much but we were able to talk him into a second one which he enjoy a lot more.

This was our weekend home (green roof, the other building was the local Church) as we traveled through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on our way down and way back home. It made a wonderful resting stop on our travels to and from Michigan.

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