During the last two weeks it seems like the most common word or term used in our house is packing. It started with the unpacking of the van from our time in MI and not a day later my faithful hardworking wife has started packing again. Only this time she has started to go through our stuff and decide what to keep and store, what to move and what needs to find new owners. I’m sure glad she is gifted with this kind of thing as I would be lost at doing such a daunting task and worse of all I would probably keep everything. We are also discovering that Isaac; does not like to part with things just like his father and has shed a few tears this past two weeks. It seems that he thought he needed to keep all of his stuffed animals instead of taking clothes with him when we move! In his mind this seemed like a great plan! Over all the first couple of days haven’t been to bad but we haven’t gotten to where a lot of my stuff is. And Julie will probably have to do most of that when I am not home so I don’t see what she is giving away. It sure is amazing what we like to hang on to and place value on only to keep in a closet. Thankfully, we have had a few people offer their assistance with sorting and some painting that needs to be done. And the weather here has warmed up enough that the children have gotten out their bikes and been able to do some bike riding while Julie has been sorting through their stuff. Even though this step seems overwhelming it is also exciting to be heading one more step closer to the field and following God’s calling.

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