Special Moments

Well, the count down has begun as we prepare to head back home on the 11th of March. We are speaking at a church on the way home so it looks like we should arrive home in Steinbach on the 14th of March. Since, we are thinking about home I recently ask the kids what was the first thing that they wanted to do when they got home. And there was an overwhelming answer from all three children and that was they all wanted to go and sleep in their own beds! I guess that sleeping on air mattress for two months isn’t very exciting after awhile especially when I won’t let them jump on them anymore. Over all the last couple of weeks have been good and have held some special moments for me. One happened a few days after Valentine’s Day at a special seniors banquet that Greg and I were honoured to attend. Now most of these people attend my home church here and my grandmother has some dear friends at this church and she misses them dearly. A few years ago she became very sick and had surgery to remove a brain tumor that was effecting her short term memory. Since then she has not been able to live on her own anymore and has moved to a seniors house where she has her own little apartment. Actually, Isaac thought that she lived in a huge palace before we explained that the building housed many different apartments kind of like a hotel. However, even after a tour by my grandmother he still didn’t grasp the idea. Anyway, since my grandmother has moved she has not been able to see all her dear friends from church. It was a great honor for Greg and I to attend the banquet with my grandmother! I don’t think that I will forget her face as she walked into that banquet and saw all her friends and saw all their happy faces. So she spent the evening visiting, eating, laughing, and enjoying a wonderful time of fellowship. Our next special moment will actually happen tomorrow the 3rd of March as Isaac will celebrate his 6th birthday. A birthday is always a special time but this year Isaac will to celebrating his with my family which has never happened before. He has been faithfully counting down the days and is hoping that he will receive a new Stars Wars space ship tomorrow. It looks like it should be a wonderful day for him tomorrow. However, we have had some sickness lately and we would appreciate your prayers as I am still not feeling well and both boys have not come do with anything. So we hope they stay healthy and that I start feeling better as we have a Mission Conference that we are attending this weekend. We thank you for all your faithful prayers, support, and all those wonderful emails that you send on our families behalf!

God Bless,

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