Life Here in Michigan

Life Here In Michigan

Returning home and living with my parents these past weeks has been wonderful. I can honestly say that there never is a dull moment when you share a house with nine other people and three dogs. You can just imagine what Sunday mornings are like trying to get your time for the shower! The children have been soaking up time with their grandparents and getting to know my sister and her new husband Ty. Even though Greg and I don’t enjoy having inside pets the kids are spoiling the three inside dogs here and love cuddling up with them. Franklin has loved going to the barn with his aunt and uncle to feed the horses and take a few riding lessons as well. One night he came up all exciting because his aunt let him clean out a stall and he thought it was the coolest thing ever (you can tell he didn’t grow up on a farm)! I have had some wonderful times getting reacquainted with dear friends and family during our stay. Our family was able to go and see my high school track coach and his wife who was my health teacher in high school as well. It was a great evening of catching up on all the new things going on at school, remembering the past, and hearing how they are doing. Then I was able to see my old youth group leaders who moved to Alaska around nine years ago and have just moved back recently. I don’t think that I will forget that meeting and hug for awhile! Then Greg and I had the privilege of speaking and spending time with the dear people in my home Church that I grew up in. It was wonderful being around these dear and faithful people and being blessed by them again. It felt like I was stepping back in time and made me very thankful for growing up in such a strong and faithful Church. They even invited us to attend their senior’s breakfast and bible study which Greg and I greatly enjoyed. And then comes all the wonderful evenings spent with different family members and meeting all my cousin’s children that I have never met before. The children love meeting new people normally but they get even more excited when they realize that they are related as well. After living so far away from here for so long it will be nice to be only a few hours away from everyone before going overseas for four years. Please pray for continued safety and direction as we have extended our stay here until March and that we stay strong both physical and spiritually. Please keep Isaac in your prayers as his behaviour is getting hard to handle which means that he is starting to feel very overwhelmed with life at the moment. Please pray for Greg and I as we try to help Isaac adjust and feel secure with are every changing and busy life.


One thought on “Life Here in Michigan

  1. Glad to hear you are having a nice time reconnecting with friends and family! It sounds like a great reunion for everyone! Praying for you,
    Katie and Chad


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