Our trip to Michigan has gone well so far. Friday we fought with some snowy and icy roads but we managed to get to Randville safely. We then had the privilege of sharing with the Randville Bible Church Sunday morning. They were a wonderful congregation, which extended a very warm welcome as they allowed us to stay in their parsonage next to the church for the weekend. Kids were excited even asked when we were moving our stuff in. Monday we had nice weather and roads for the rest of our journey to Constantine (Julie’s Parents). We have started to settle in the basement of Julie’s parent’s house. Glad that we got in yesterday as I write this blog in Wendy’s restaurant the snow is coming down pretty heavy, glad that I only need to travel a few miles back to the house once we are done our shopping and Internet work. I got the better end of the deal to, as I get to sit and utilize the Internet and enjoy some Wendy’s food while Julie her mom and the kids are out shopping. Hope they don’t forget about me and go home without me. We are planning to be in southern MI for the next 5-6weeks, if you are also in the area and would like a visit please contact us.

Thank you again for your prayer as we travel.


Greg, Julie

Franklin, Isaac, & Jaclynn

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