The Closing of 2010

Well like it or not 2010 is about to end and a new year awaits us. As I ponder over this past year I look back on a year of many changes and adjustments as well as some neat mile stones as well. As many of you already know we as a family have ventured into quite a life changing career by joining Mission Aviation Fellowship. Which has been one of our highlights this year. I thought I would also mention a few of the other hi-lights for the year. Let’s try and start from the begining of last year.

The year for me started with my first tail wheel student that came ready to learn and five weeks after he started he left with a private pilots licence. Which is quite a feat not mention that he did it all in a tail wheel aircraft as well. For those that may wonder why I mentioned the tail wheel part, it is more challenging to learn to land and take off with an aircraft with a tail wheel opposed to a nose wheel. In February I passed my instrument rating written exam (INRAT) and in March I flew my 1000th hour. End of April and begining of May Julie and I left our kids with my mom and sister for two weeks as we left for Guelph ON. Where we spent two weeks at MAF’s spring candidacy course. In July and August I had the honor of finishing at Harv’s Air with having the privilege of training the two top Cadets this year! End of August we started full time with MAF working through our ministry partnership phase. During our MP time we have traveled to the north end of Vancouver Island and back again seeking out friends and family that would be willing to partner with us in this ministry with MAF. In November our family finally returned to Steinbach 13,000kms later for some much needed time at home.

Franklin ended his last day of public school in June with many hugs and some really good friendships. For most of the summer the children spent there days riding bikes, trying out the skate board park, hanging out with friends, and spending hours swimming. Then at the end of August life changed for them as we hit the road for MAF. They spent days in the van, sleeping in different houses, and hunting through rubbermaid tubs for their clothes. One of their highlights of the road is being allowed to all sleep next to one another. Camping life was a great adventure for them! In September and October the kids loved living near their grandparents and all the adventure of farm life. Franklin learned how to ride a dirt bike, Isaac became a dedicated fisherman, and Jaclynn took great care of all the farm cats. November brought great joy for the children as we finally returned to MB and their own house and beds. Since the boys were so use to sleeping together they moved into the same bedroom and started sharing bunk beds. At the beginning of December we were able to attend our home Church here in Steinbach and attend Sunday School were they actually knew kids. These last few weeks Franklin, Isaac, and Jaclynn have been hitting the sledding hills and greatly enjoying pushing their mother down the hill when she wasn’t ready yet. I’m sure they didn’t learn that from me! Christmas was a special day as they enjoyed a few new toys and learning how to play their new games. Isaac’s proudest moment was when he finally beat me in the game Mouse Trap after I had beat him the first few times.
“This year has been a blur” in the words of my wife. Homeschooling, living out of rubbemaid tubs, MAF stuff, house work and mountains of other things that blend into the blur.
Wishing you all a wonderful New Year. May this year be filled with many blessings.
Greg, Julie
Franklin, Isaac, & Jaclynn

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