Planes and Runways

Adding to the theme of Indonesia I thought it appropriately to post a few pictures of the aircraft we use there and some of the landing strips we fly in and out of. As mentioned previously on this post I was hoping to get a hold of some pictures of the new Kodiak. Thanks from some help in the office I was able to get a couple.

New Kodiak 100

New Aircraft specifically designed for such runways

Cessna 206

The reason we are needed is the DENSE rain forest covering RUGGED mountains. Image the Rocky Mountains covered with thick vegetation and no roads.


Cessna Caravan (C208)

A C206 with a great view

Pray For us this is what some of our runways look like

Few C206s under the umbrella of a beautiful rainbow


Cessna 185 on Floats
C206 Sitting on a beautiful runway “I can’t wait to try it out”
C206 on Floats

4 thoughts on “Planes and Runways

  1. Some nice pics there Greg! I'm sure you're pretty excited about the adventure that awaits you! All the best mate!

    Oh, and BTW, isn't that picture of a runway from the one in Papua New Guinea or something? Just curious..


  2. I pretty sure these are all from Indonesia PK is the country registration. I have been told that the crazy one is from Indonesia but I can't read the reg to confirm it.


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