What a Treat

Dear Friends of ours had us over for some Indonesian Food. It has been their tradition to make traditional food from different countries each year for Christmas. And this year they choose to include us and treat us to a wonderful evening of unique but great tasting food. I enjoyed pretty much all of it, Julie enjoyed most of it, and the kids well they enjoyed some of it. My Favorite was the Mango Chicken Stir fry (Ajam Djahe Mangga)

Someday I may know how to say all these words and know what to order

The center dish (white/yellow with no lid) is the Ajam Djahe Mangga which again was my favorite

Huge spread of great food wish I could have eaten more
Crackers of different Sorts: Peanut, Cassava, and Prawn flavoured

Fruit Salad with Mango’s, Mangosteen, Rambutan and Pineapple I think?
Durian Fruit the scary looking thing in his hand

Durian was different. I think it would have tasted better if we were hungry. It had a strange texture and a very unique favor.
Rambutan is the fruit on the cutting board. The red part is the outer shell and the white part the inside which tasted pretty good.
Prawns and hard boiled eggs and I’m not sure what else but whatever it was it tasted good.

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