What a Trip !!!

Wow What an amazing trip. God provide continued safety as we covered 13786.5 Km’s over the past 11 Weeks. During the 11 weeks God also showed Himself faithful in many other areas as well particularly in providing us with a host of places to stay, wonderful bunch of people to visit and some great meals. God showed us His Love over and over again through the generosity of His people. We will be settling back into home the next day or two, trusting that God will continue to guide and direct our lives as we share with those here in the Steinbach area. Thank you to all that gave of their time and resource these past couple months. And to those we were unable to see on this trip “sorry” we will be returning in the spring sometime planning to pick up were we left off and hopefully be able to see all those that we missed on this trip.

One thought on “What a Trip !!!

  1. Good to see you made it home safely. Thanks again for blessing us with your visit.

    Now we are sitting here wondering why it is so quiet and missing the thought of bedtime hugs!

    Aunt Terry & Uncle Dan


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