Spending Time With The Dole’s

Life on the road is sure full of adventure, surprises, and long hours spent in the van. Lucky for us there are lots of tractors still in the field that the kids can look at as we are traveling. And these last few weeks here have actually felt like spring instead of fall. That means the children have been outside either playing in the sandbox, working on their fort in the woods, trying to drag either Greg or I to take them fishing, or trying to get Greg to start up the motorbikes for them. I have even starting to enjoy fishing more and a couple of days ago caught three fish and even had the privilege of taking the hook out by myself. However, I have not even come close to catching as many fish as Isaac has caught. Franklin and I have finally figured a good system for home school were he can be done with school around lunch time. This is allowing lots of time to work in his fort or for riding the motorbike. I love teaching him and watching his face as he learns a new concept! Greg and I have found that from Wednesday to Sunday are evenings are normally spent with friends enjoying food and good fellowship. This part of the mission work Greg and I have been greatly enjoying as we love been able to visit with different people and share what we are doing. We have around three weeks left here in Alberta and we find ourselves very busy and tired. It seems that Greg and I have hit the “I’m homesick” stage both at the same time this week which has made it a little harder these last few days. Greg and I have been so blessed to be near Greg’s parents for these past many weeks and for all the help they have provided. Once we leave here we will be in SK for about a week and a half as we are sharing at two different Churches there. So please pray for us that the weather will not turn into winter to fast before we return home. Even though Isaac has been praying for snow I am hoping that God will wait and not send it until we are returned to MB. Life is defiantly not boring when you leave your lives in the hand of God and follow were He is leading.

With Blessing

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