A Moment From The Heart

As I prepare to head into week number five on the road I thought I would share with you a little of what I have been learning as a new missionary. This new life that God has called my family too is hard, long, exciting, fun, interesting, and challenging. When you take all these emotions and wrap them into one you end up with a pretty interesting day. I have never been more challenged to learn so many new things at once and still be excited about everything at the same time. I feel like God has being preparing me for this role my whole life and now that I am finally here it feels like coming home. I love working beside Greg as we share with different Churches, met with different people, and being able to home school the boys. God has been challenging Greg and I as we learn all the new role’s of our life and at the same time he is making us stronger in our faith. The children are missing home but are still having a wonderful time as we are starting to meet with different people at there homes. This is allowing the children to meet new people, work on their manners, eat different kinds of food, and play with new friends. Sometimes I do find this new adventure hard and at times overwhelming then I hear that still small voice reminding me that I am following the Lords will not mine. And God reminds me that a life following the Lord is one amazing adventure after another when you are walking beside the Lord. So I am going to enjoy this adventure and keep praising my God as I follow Him.


One thought on “A Moment From The Heart

  1. Praying with you guys. This is a good experience for all. Don't forget to have your family and couple time, too. Very important.


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