High lights from the first week on the Road

Life this past week and a half has been one filled with many great moments and memories that will not every be forgotten. The children loved traveling through Canada and stopping at new places every night. Just to get up the next day and start all over again as we heading to our next stop. We have been blessed with some wonderful friends and family who have opened up their homes to us and allowed us to stay with them. Our family has been on Vancouver Island since late Thursday night and plan to head back through BC on Wednesday heading to Alberta where we will be for the next two months. This past weekend we had the great privilege of speaking at Sayward Christian Fellowship here on the Island. It was our first time doing a full presentation and had a wonderful time of fellowship and making new friends. On Saturday one of Greg’s cousins was married so we were able to see many different family members that we have not see in about seven years. And the kids have been having a blast as were are staying in a camper these past few days and that is a new experience for them. They have been trying to get us to go camping all summer long without much success so to be able to come here and sleep in a camper has been a huge highlight this weekend. And then to top it all off Greg’s parents and sister’s family from Alberta were here just made it even better. So please pray for us as we will be traveling for a few more days through the mountains as we head to Alberta. There Greg and I will be based for two months and I will be starting to home school the boys starting on Monday.

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