11 Years?

Really? Has it been that Long? Julie and I have the privilege of celebrating 11 years of marriage on August 28. It has been a wonderful adventure full of love and laughter and many happy memories. Looking back it hardly seems like 11 years have really gone by. We would love to share with you a few of the high lights of the last 11 years! We met during our first year of college at Prairie Bible School in Alberta and married a year later. Our first place that we called home was a one bedroom apartment at the college while we finished off our college training. After renting a small house for a year Greg and I had the privilege of buying are first house. It was an old 850sq’ bungalow in Bowden that we called home for five years. While in our small house I started my Electrical apprenticeship and we welcomed our three treasures (Franklin, Isaac, & Jaclynn) into the family. Life defiantly grew cramped in that small house with three small children until we sold and upgraded to a newer split level house with a finish basement. Didn’t know what to do with all the space at first, but it didn’t take long for us to fill it up. God allowed us a few years in that house until He called us to a new life and began preparing us for a whole new chapter in our marriage. We moved our family to Steinbach MB were we live now in the summer of 2008. And just this past week we started working full time with MAF as pre field missionaries. Julie and I are looking forward to this new life as missionaries and thank God for all the blessing over the past 11 years.

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