The End and New Beginings

As a chapter closes in our life a new one is about to start as I finished off well at Harv’s on Friday. I wasn’t quite able to finish the training of all my students unfortunately but we did our best to do what we could. I think no matter when I left it would have not been any different however just different students. I wish my students all the best as they carry on in there aviation journey. I counted it a great honor to be your Instructor, thank you.

Monday the 23th the family and I start full-time with MAF and sharing about their ministry. We will be starting out with a grand drive to Vancouver Island for about two weeks. We will then be heading to AB where we will spend about 6 weeks. Then back to MB for the remainder of the year. We are driving a well experinced van so if you think of us pray for our van. It seems good but as mentioned it is well advanced in expericne.

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