Finishing Strong

Finishing Strong what does that look like? I’ve seen it before and probably even done so myself in the past were we tend to fizzle out at the end. How does one avoid the fizzle? Well it’s my belief and struggle to keep the job personal even to the end. If one invests oneself in the job it becomes important and hence done well. I know recently I have been struggling with keeping it personal. I been having to battle thoughts of lets just get through this flight and it will then be someone else’s problem to fix the mistakes the student is making rather than me. I have been reminding myself “no I must treat this flight as if I will have to deal with the consequence in the future with regards to what to teach and what to let go”. I believe that God calls us employees to work in such a way that will make our employers successful even in our last days. And my prayer and desire is to continue to do so until the very end. As the Lord has blessed me with a full schedule this week as I finish off and it is my desire to finish strong as it were and not to fizzle out.

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