One Day At A Time

Managing ones, time throughout the day can sometimes be very overwhelming and frustrating at the same time. I use to think to myself that if God would only just add five more hours to my day then I would be able to fit everything in. Well, yesterday was defintanly one of those days as I received four boxes of homeschooling material at my doorstep. Talk about mind overload! As I opened each box the boys became very excited about seeing all their new books and finally realizing that mommy was their new teacher. Both of the boys are looking forward to doing school together as they have both grown very close over summer break. I on the other hand kept hearing the sentence ” how am I going to accomplish this task Lord, I am already near overload” in my head. Then my husband reminded me of a wonderful saying that we heard a few years ago. “Yesterday is history tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift that is way it’s call the present.” My man saved the day by reminding me, that today is a present and that I should treat it as such and stop worrying about tomorrow. Please remember to pray for our family as we have just over two weeks till Greg is done at Harv’s Air and we hit the road. We are looking forward to visiting with everyone and sharing our passion and heart for the mission field and how we will be apart of MAF. And remember that today is a gift so enjoy the present!

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