Summer Time & Five Weeks Left

Summer time has finally arrived and Isaac and Jaclynn are loving having Franklin home everyday. They have spent time in their kids pool and normally the whole neighborhood ends up in there with them. Greg is normally flying from eight in the morning till eight in the evening unless he is doing night ratings. Which night flying normally doesn’t start until ten at night so most nights Greg will walk into the house at midnight or later. So please pray for Greg as these last few weeks as a flight instructor will be very long and trying. I have been busy helping Greg with writing letters to Churches, sending out thank you cards, and trying to master homeschooling (finding the right one and then trying to decide how to order). We have around five weeks left before we head out and begin raising support full time and do a lot of travelling. It is such a blessing that are children love driving and living out of the van!!!! Please pray for us over these next weeks as we prepare to hit the road, start homeschooling, and begin full time ministry.

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