Tentative Travel Itinerary

Tentative MAF Travel Plans:

Late August drive to BC
Early Mid September back to Alberta
Early Mid October heading to Saskatchewan and maybe Montana
Early January heading to Michigan and Indiana
We are looking forward to sharing the work of MAF with friends and family while in different parts of the country. We will be needing places to stay as we travel if you are able to help us in this way please let us know. Support has started to come in thank you for those that have sent in their support already. I would like to encourage others that are thinking about supporting our work through MAF to contact us or start sending in the support. The sooner we have the support the sooner we will start the next step towards heading to the field.
From the Dole Family

One thought on “Tentative Travel Itinerary

  1. wow! talk about life on the road. great blog and pics of you guys and MAF. welcome to the journey and we'll be thinking of you as your cross country trip of fund raising is happening. may God provide in more ways then you know.

    Nick and Jocelyn


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